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Events A calendar of upcoming TGirl friendly events taking place in and around your area.
Forum A forum where TGirls can post about their thoughts, goings on, or hookup with others. Also check out the General Forum for Diaries from some of our members and Advice for TGirls.
Local People Here you can find out more info about and potentially meet TGirls local to your area. Every TGirl also has a photo gallery with her pictures here.

Places for TGirls

Adult Bookstores TGirl friendly adult bookstores, where you can go dressed or shop for TGirl related merchandise.
Bars & Clubs TGirl friendly bars and clubs, where you can go to meet and hang out with TGirls in your area.
Makeovers Places where you can get a makeover, or just get some makeup advice or pick up that perfect shade of lipstick.
Photo Services TGirl friendly people or studios where you can get a photo shoot in your area.
Safe Houses Sometimes you can't dress at home. These are some TGirl friendly places to change and go out, or inexpensive TGirl friendly motels in your area.
Stores Doesn't every TGirl love to shop? Here's a list of TGirl friendly stores in your area where you can find everything from wigs to clothes to shoes. From head to toe, we've got you covered.
Free Memberships Would you like a free membership? Here's how you can get one.
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