The Safe House is a very special place that offers private space and facilities for alternative lifestyle folks with special extra stuff for TGirls (and their admirers). It's also the place where we hold our parties.

The space is a gorgeous modified storefront with plenty of area and amenities! The front of the space is an art gallery called "Safe House Exhibitions". Safe House Exhibitions has private showings only which means that when you rent the Safe House you have it all to yourself. In back there are playrooms, bondage gear, and lots of fun stuff. In addition to the art, the front area contains a stocked bar and a stage that is used during parties and during our art exhibitions. The space has free WIFI and a sound system. The space has 12 foot high ceilings with lots of light (and privacy.)

The safe house is available for rental. Renters can:

  • Play in a private secure space
  • Dress in a private secure atmosphere
  • Get pictures or videos taken. Anything from mild to XXX wild. We can even create a full featured website for you.
  • Bring dates, hang out and have fun in a private secure environment.
  • Arrange meetings, hang out and have fun in a private secure environment.

Need help dressing? Colleen Stewart can help out.

Did we mention that members of get special discounts? And if that's not enough, you can join at the Safe House - via cash, check or money order.

For more info or to make arrangements to use the space email '' or call (347) 746-5546


Directions to the space will be given when arrangements are made.

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